[Cerowrt-devel] Bufferbloat at upcoming LUG talk

Richard Brown richard.e.brown at dartware.com
Sun Nov 25 20:11:31 EST 2012


I am planning to give a talk about Bufferbloat to the local Linux User Group next week (http://dlslug.org). All this traffic on the list is fantastic, because it gives me a lot of background on the current state of bufferbloat. I've pulled together a bunch of general questions about CeroWrt that I would like to be able to cover if they come up:

- Is it true that the latest CeroWrt is Sugarland 3.3.8-26 from mid-September? (My router is using this build - r33460.) 

- I see the "QoS" item in the Network tab of the web GUI. Is this important for Sugarland? Or does some other router configuration take care of this now?

- What's the relationship between the QoS GUI item above and the debloat.sh and simple_qos.sh scripts that have been mentioned on this list? What's the best practice here for getting a router up and running?

- I can see how the CeroWrt de-bloating algorithms help protect against bad latency when I'm *uploading* big files. I'm not sure whether using CeroWrt with its CoDel/FQ/SFQ/etc. helps when I'm downloading big files, though. What can I say about this?

- I believe the default DNS server in Sugarland is dnsmasq, not bind. Is DNSSEC enabled by default? Also: there's a report (Bug #411) that says that DNS is leaking internal names to the outside world. What's the best advice for closing this? ("list notinterface 'ge00'" is one recommendation…)

- I've been assembling information about the various de-bloating techniques implemented in CeroWrt. It seems that Infoblox has recently reorganized their blogs, and the links published earlier this week have all broken. Here are updates:


My plan is to give a little of the science behind bufferbloat mitigation and also put in a plug for CeroWrt. Any topics I haven't already mentioned that I should? Thanks!

Rich Brown
Hanover, NH USA

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