[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt 3.8.6-2 released

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 07:35:30 EDT 2013

This is mostly just a refresh of openwrt head into Cerowrt, notably a
kernel update to 3.8.6. My hope is to merge some patches up into openwrt
this week as I'm in berlin hanging with several openwrt devs.

Cerowrt 3.8.6-2 might gnaw your children to death, cause cancer, and world
famine, so I'd advise against installing it as your default router.

Things like ipv6 and wireless are totally untested.

Also as there is a ton of newer stuff on the todo list (more suggestions
wanted - is there anything interesting in kernel 3.8?) that isn't in here,
that might get done over the next month or two, so there really isn't a lot
of point to the update that I can see besides establishing a base for
further development, but if you are bored and want to see what stuff I
broke, get it at:


todo list:

* change name to Berlin release
** DONE update to dnsmasq 2.66rc4
** DONE update iptables
  But is there npt66 support?
** DONE fix igmp patch
** DONE update quagga, netperf,
** TODO babel refresh
** DONE Change name to berlin
** DONE Fix kernel config for additional TCPs
** Refresh other ceropackages
*** TODO update babeld
*** TODO Fix Bind (update from openwrt main?)
*** TODO update iproute2 (3.7)
*** TODO Update gpsd
*** TODO FIx kerberos package again (does anyone care?)
** Review bug list

* TODO New Work under consideration
** Add support for still shipping buffalo WZR router
** Gui for simple_qos
** Wifi sort on dequeue from aggregate
** wifi Xfq_codel at driver level
** sfqcodel from ns2
** cake in C
** Make independently buildable again
** Check into bismark's status
** HTB improvements (try to scale to 120Mbits)
** ACC - measure outgoing rate dynamically (see gargoyle project)
** RFC6013 related fixes
** homenet rfc
** hipnet rfc
** package signing
** src/dst routing
** mdnsext

I am travelling heavily through the eu (anyone at battlemesh? uknof? Rite?)
and am not generally going to have a lot of time for this until after late
may, but will try to slide stuff in in relation to wherever I am and
whoever I'm nearby....

Dave Täht

Fixing bufferbloat with cerowrt:
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