[Cerowrt-devel] AQM and ADSL

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Tue Aug 13 14:53:45 EDT 2013

H Fred
On Aug 13, 2013, at 17:28 , Fred Stratton <fredstratton at imap.cc> wrote:

> I have been experimenting with the two sets of modified sets of scripts and AQM panels. Thank you for constructing them.

	Thanks for testing...

> To mention the string ''for ATM choose' is repeated erroneously in the extended panel.

	Fixed… I will try to test whether it actually works before sending the next version...

> The scripts work.
> The link layer giving best results is ethernet.

	What and how did you measure? Using "use HTB's private mechanism for linklayer and overhead" or "Use tc's stab mechanism for linklayer and overhead"? A little browsing of the kernel source makes me believe that the HTB version is fully busted and will not do anything at all (so I would have imagined adel atm and ethernet to behave the same). I am thinking about how to test whether a link layer adjustment works or not.

> Pinging severs whilst running Netalyzr has no effect.

	Not being a native english speaker cloud you be more explicit, please. Was the ping RTT affected by the concurrent netalyzr run (especially up- and download testing)? Did you get netsurf-wrapper to work on ubuntu?

> The tone buckets of the phone signal are translated into ATM packets by the DSP in the 2 Wire 2700. I have no idea what this closed source BSD implementation does to the packets before they are sent to CeroWRT.

> I am using 3.10.2-1, as I cannot get the latest version to install with sys upgrade.

	So 3.10.6-1 fails with sysupgrade?


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