[Cerowrt-devel] Anything but "AQM"

Rich Brown richb.hanover at gmail.com
Fri Dec 20 15:52:33 EST 2013


You wrote:

> What's in a name? AQM has been pretty thoroughly defined to equal
> active queue *length* management and not packet scheduling.
> Overloading "AQM" what cerowrt does is apt to cause even more
> confusion in the field than it already does. We discussed using LBO as
> a word but that appears hopelessly overloaded with leveraged buy out.
> I go back to one I liked a while back:
> Smart Queue Management. (SQM)
> This got dissed on the aqm list too, but so far a viable alternative
> TLA has not appeared. It's sufficiently different to hang a different
> definition off of ("Smart queue management is an intelligent
> combination of better packet scheduling (flow queuing) techniques
> along with with active queue length management (aqm)”)


> Any ideas for a name for packet scheduling, prioritization, and active
> queue management better than just "AQM", or "QoS"?
> SQM "Smarter Queue Management"
> CeroShaper
> LBO Latency and Bandwidth Optimisation

I was prepared to agree with “SQM”, and had written a long note (below) when my brain uttered “Intelligent Queue Management”. I’m not convinced that one is better than the other…


===== The benefits of SQM ======

Wikipedia sez… SQM may refer to:

- Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile - a Chilean mining and chemical enterprise
- Software quality management
- Spectrum quality management
- Supplier Quality Management
- Sensors Quality Management Inc. - provides unbiased evaluations of a company's operations relating to issues of quality, service, cleanliness and value
- Sky Quality Meter, a device for measuring light pollution

and also : São Miguel do Araguaia airport IATA code

sqm may refer to :

- square metre
- Windows Live Messenger log file extension

So it doesn’t appear that there are any seriously conflicting uses of that TLA…

And I prefer “Smart Queue Management” to “Smarter Queue Management”. We’ll leave to someone else to go out on the weak branch and espouse “Smarter queue management” and “Smartest queue management”. (What comes after that? “Smart and a half”, Smart**2"?)


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