[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt-3.10.24-7 "North Pole" development release available

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Dec 23 13:09:18 EST 2013

ok, I moved that build to a "bad" subdir. Sorry, looks like santa
drank too much eggnog over the weekend.

On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 5:26 AM, Rich Brown <richb.hanover at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dave,
>>  installed this remotely to the yurtlab and the box didn't magically
>> reappear. Be cautious with this.
>> I'll be stopping in there tomorrow (monday)
> I can confirm a problem.I installed 3.10.24-7 on my WNDR3800 secondary router (hoping to get screen shots for the AQM GUI). It doesn’t seem to be responding, even after waiting ~15 minutes after the TFTP upgrade.
> The lights look normal-ish on the front panel (although I don’t usually look at it so can’t say for sure). I cannot get a DHCP address on the Ethernet LAN interface, and when I configure my laptop’s Ethernet for, I can’t ping it the router.
> I also tried power cycling the router. Same results.  Wireshark doesn’t show any data coming out of the router on the Ethernet.
> Back to 3.10.24-5.
> Rich

Dave Täht

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