[Cerowrt-devel] wndr3800_flash_question

Oliver Niesner oliver.niesner at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 05:51:52 EST 2013

Hi all!

For a while i'am able to build cerowrt for myself and it worked good so far.
With my recent build i noticed some odd behavior - hopefully someone can 
help me out with this:

I configured the usual features plus some extra stuff - the resulting 
image for the wndr-3800 is
between 9-10 MB in size.

I flashed the Device with tftp, like always. But after flashing the 
router "goes" into failsafe mode and
the only thing i can do is flashing a sysupgrade image via the 
webinterface. Unfortunately after doing
this the router stays in failsafe mode.

I'am wondering if i accidentely disabled something in menuconfig.
Does anybody know what went wrong?

BTW: If i flash eg. 3.7.5-2 from Dave, everything is ok and the router 
works as expected.



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