[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt 3.7.1-1 released

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Perhaps this is premature, but I have installed 3.7.1-1 on my experimental router as well.  It seems to be working fine but now I'd like to start capturing monitoring data from the AQM (nfq_codel is enabled by default?) layer.
I'd also like to change the "WAN interface" to be one of its 2.4 Gig radios.  That's because I want to put the Cerowrt experimental router "in front of" a mobile hotspot that is operating using LTE to provide my internet access.  (Yes, I know that "in general" WLAN's need something better than nfq_codel, but in this case, it's a single device and a single hop - i.e. cable equivalent).  Alternatively, maybe I can connect the mobile hotspot to the router using USB.
Best way to do that?  I have not delved deep into OpenWRT/Cerowrt config files.
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Two formerly back-ordered 3800s arrived yesterday!

They barely had time to power on before I reflashed them with:


I still regard this series as heavily development oriented and
unsuitable for general use. In particular I'd like to wait for dnsmasq
to come out of beta, fix AHCP, add a gui for the ceroshaper, etc, etc.

But: This is the first devel release I've been able to test in the
real world as a default gw in a while. So far, so good.

I have some issues with how the new network6 configuration stuff
interacts with ahcp, but aside from that... I saw upnp work for the
first time... saw the ula auto code work... analyzed some dropbox and
netflix traffic, ran a couple android boxes through it, fiddled with

some notes:

+ resync with openwrt head
+ update to Linux 3.7.1 with unaligned patches from robert bradley
+ A QFQ+ update
+ mildly improved nfq_codel
- Missing cups support (didn't compile
- no ipv6 npt yet

Merry New Year!

Dave Täht

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