[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt 3.7.1-1 released

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Thu Jan 3 14:44:05 EST 2013

I'm fine with the command line approach....  thanks!
(is there anything special about how to run the "debloat" script? I assume it is a package that I download), but you can confirm that).
And which queue should have ecn disabled?
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On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 10:50 AM,  <dpreed at reed.com> wrote:
> Perhaps this is premature, but I have installed 3.7.1-1 on my experimental

I'm happy with 3.7.1 from a reliability perspective.

I've got 8 routers deployed on it now for testing, no crashes, good
performance, I'm happy.

Still need some features to land in iptables and gui work, and dnsmasq
to get out of beta and I'd like to finish up simple_qos to become


but go for it!

> router as well.  It seems to be working fine but now I'd like to start
> capturing monitoring data from the AQM (nfq_codel is enabled by default?)
> layer.
> I'd also like to change the "WAN interface" to be one of its 2.4 Gig radios.
> That's because I want to put the Cerowrt experimental router "in front of" a
> mobile hotspot that is operating using LTE to provide my internet access.
> (Yes, I know that "in general" WLAN's need something better than nfq_codel,

In this case nfq_codel is on ALL 4 wifi queues, so you will need to
parse those. Also the debloat script modifies the size of those queues
significantly vs a vs a default openwrt setup.

Also I disable ecn on at least one queue...

> but in this case, it's a single device and a single hop - i.e. cable
> equivalent).  Alternatively, maybe I can connect the mobile hotspot to the
> router using USB.
> Best way to do that?  I have not delved deep into OpenWRT/Cerowrt config
> files.

Well, I'm a command line guy, but you can do all this via the gui if
you do it all in one go. However:

In /etc/config/firewall:

Change the ge00 entry to the wifi device you are going to use - this
will turn on nat for that device.

Replace the wifi interface with ge00 on the other entries in the firewall.

In /etc/quagga/babeld.conf for the wifi device you are going to use.
Enable it for ge00 if you are going to use that for something.

Assuming you are using dhcp on your wifi...

in /etc/config/network

...Basically swap the ge00 and wifi entries...

in /etc/config/wireless

Enable "sta" mode for the wifi interface you are going to use. (mildly
easier to get this right via the gui)

in /etc/config/dhcp

disable dhcp service on the wifi interface you are going to use

cross fingers, make a small blood sacrifice to Murphy, reboot.

I note that both vi and zile (emacs) are installed from a command line


As for the usb approach, I think usb-net is built, but have not tried
it recently. There used to be support for several 3g usb-modems, in
fact, installable via opkg.

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> Subject: [Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt 3.7.1-1 released
> Two formerly back-ordered 3800s arrived yesterday!
> They barely had time to power on before I reflashed them with:
> http://snapon.lab.bufferbloat.net/~cero2/cerowrt/wndr/3.7.1-1/
> I still regard this series as heavily development oriented and
> unsuitable for general use. In particular I'd like to wait for dnsmasq
> to come out of beta, fix AHCP, add a gui for the ceroshaper, etc, etc.
> But: This is the first devel release I've been able to test in the
> real world as a default gw in a while. So far, so good.
> I have some issues with how the new network6 configuration stuff
> interacts with ahcp, but aside from that... I saw upnp work for the
> first time... saw the ula auto code work... analyzed some dropbox and
> netflix traffic, ran a couple android boxes through it, fiddled with
> nfq_codel...
> some notes:
> + resync with openwrt head
> + update to Linux 3.7.1 with unaligned patches from robert bradley
> + A QFQ+ update
> + mildly improved nfq_codel
> - Missing cups support (didn't compile
> - no ipv6 npt yet
> Merry New Year!
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