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Actually, I was just thinking about a similar issue when I saw this baby in Staples when browsing:
Would OpenWRT run on it?  CeroWRT?   Since it contains the DOCSIS 3.0 stuff, could it negotiate the settings that eliminate bufferbloat in the CMTS?
If one wanted to expand CeroWRT to benefit lots of homes even more, this would be wicked awesome as a target.
Moto also sells a DSL router/AP (not quite as high performance) that might be interesting as well:
I think most US Cable Internet providers allow you to use your own cable modem if it is DOCSIS 3.0.
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FYI, got a leaflet today from my ISP with an offer of "up to 250Mb/s" FTTH.
I wonder what software stack is used in FTTH modems and how hackable are they
and would openwrt ever run on such NTUs.
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