[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt 3.8.8-4 released

Maciej Soltysiak maciej at soltysiak.com
Sun Jun 2 14:00:44 EDT 2013

Hi Dave,

I installed 3.8.8-4 more than a month ago but it took me this long to give
up  trying to get DLNA working.
For some reason those DLNA discovery (SSDP) multicasts seem not forward
between se00 and sw00 or sw10 so the devices cannot find themselves. This
is supposed to be done by minissdpd.

I know previously we've had it broken but you fixed it by adding some
missing config in the kernel for IGMP I believe.
But I'm unable to find the cause this time.

Would you suggest I have a go with a more recent cero release or does
anything come to mind when I describe the issue?

Best regards,
Maciej Soltysiak

On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 10:55 AM, Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:

> + Refresh to openwrt barrier breaker head
>    this now contains nearly all the patches formerly separately in cerowrt!
>    ++ fq_codel is on by default on ALL interfaces with default quantum of
> 300
>         (yes, openwrt has obsoleted pfifo_fast!)
>    ++ unaligned access patches, etc, etc
>    + dhcp-pd SERVER support
>  the usual multitude of other openwrt fixes... all tested extensively
> at the battlemesh conference.
> + Update to dnsmasq 2.67test2
> Toke got really busy in building his own version of cero and adding
> + AQM scripts and gui
> + tahoe-lafs added (untested)
> + uftp4 updated
> - no upnp/ssdp fix because I'm clueless
> Yep, "AQM" gui now. /deep hat tip to toke for writing that. No need to
> fiddle with any scripts now....
> I guess of largest import here, underlying the gui, is that I had a
> chance to deeply look at simple_qos.sh. There are several bugs in it,
> that appear actually in the underlying tc subsystem.On ingress, the
> priority queue was not being used properly, and a few other things
> were odd in ipv6.
> Out of frustration with that, and based on the data we'd got back from
> cablelabs, I wrote the simplest possible rate limited fq_codel
> implementation, using a reduced number of flows and a single tier of
> htb only - and that works surprisingly well.
> It's called "Simplest" in the new AQM screen. Give it a shot.
> Secondly, the exercise of writing that and comparing it to the simple_qos
> script
> .... seems to have exposed a bug in htb at low bandwidths.
> http://snapon.lab.bufferbloat.net/~d/dsl384k-htb-bug.svg
> Here I was trying at 384k up and 8Mbit down, and the middle portion of
> the upload graph there is kind of... impossible. At higher rates I
> haven't seen this happen.
> --
> Dave Täht
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