[Cerowrt-devel] 3.8.13-6 No name resolution over wireless

Fred Stratton fredstratton at imap.cc
Thu Jun 6 06:23:28 EDT 2013

Taeht wants all User posting on this list.

I am not a developer, though you need a certain skill set to manipulate Cerowrt as a user.

The weather here is good, whilst the rest of Europe drowns, and poorer wireless reception has come with the sunshine, which hampers troubleshooting.

This build works better on ADSL, so I am reluctant to regress to an earlier one.

Ethernet connected clients work as expected.

Wireless clients connect, but neither Ubuntu 12.04.2 nor ML machines can resolve URIs.

I suspect this is a configuration problem. /etc/config/wireless is difficult to understand with so many routed interfaces.

3.8.13-5 did not have the problem.

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