[Cerowrt-devel] freezing... and updating the web site to point to modena

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 16:24:07 EST 2013

I am extremely pleased with 3.7.5-2. All the reports are positive, the test
deployment at the yurtlab went well,  and I would like to make it be the
new "stable" release of cerowrt ASAP.

However, to do that, will require updating the website to "point to the
right stuff", and moving the sugarland doc to other places...

I wouldn't mind TRYING to get out a 3.7.10 based release, and to call this
one merely a "strong beta", if y'all prefer. I would certainly prefer to
wait until the official release of dnsmasq is out in particular, before
calling this version of cerowrt totally baked... but it's pretty darn good
and by far the most well tested cerowrt ever.

I am low on time before ietf 86, but will have some time this week to edit,
if I can get someone(s) to step up on some of the heavy lifting on the doc
front. ?

Big things to do before another release in this series would be updating
the onboard documentation, looking hard at a couple bugs, maybe adding in
the fw3 code or making the jump to 3.8.

but I'd rather just freeze on basically what we got, and call it a dev

What say you all?

Dave Täht

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