[Cerowrt-devel] [Bloat] Latest codel, fq_codel, and pie sim study from cablelabs now available

Simon Barber simon at superduper.net
Wed May 1 22:20:06 EDT 2013

Or one could use more queues in SFQ, so that the chance of 2 streams 
sharing a queue is small. Even perhaps use a different strategy than 
hashing to distribute traffic to queues, although whatever strategy is 
used needs to be resistant to DoS attacks. Or one could classify the 
VoIP traffic and prioritise that. Another possibility is a heuristic 
approach - don't mix long lived bulk data streams in the same bucket as 


On Wed 01 May 2013 05:00:27 PM PDT, Jonathan Morton wrote:
> On 1 May, 2013, at 11:26 pm, Simon Barber wrote:
>> Interesting to note that sfq-codel's reaction to a non conforming flow is of course to start dropping more aggressively to make it conform, leading to the high loss rates for whatever is hashed together with a VoIP flow that does not reduce it's bandwidth.
>> One downside to SFQ really.
> The only real solution, for the scenario where this happens, would be to somehow identify all the BitTorrent traffic and stuff it into a single bucket, where it has to compete on equal terms with the single VoIP flow.  The big unanswered question is then: can this realistically be done?  Does BitTorrent traffic get marked as the bulk, low priority traffic it is, for example?

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