[Cerowrt-devel] shaggy dog story on 3.8.8-4 experiences

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Wed May 1 08:58:21 EDT 2013

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> writes:
    >> Something was up on my network, and I discovered that I could not ssh
    >> into my 3800, and so on Sunday afternoon when I figured that I wasn't
    >> going to interrupt anything, I rebooted it from the web interface, which
    >> was still working.
    >> Sadly, it did come back, but it wasn't in the configuration I expected,
    >> and I could not access it.  I'm way too used to having a serial console
    >> on everything...
    >> I was about to flash it, when I thought... good time for 3.8.8-4, so
    >> I put that one in place, and uploaded my config back from November,
    >> and...

    Dave> yea, well, I make no warrantees about configs being backward
    Dave> compatible. Sorry, tons of stuff has changed.

no, I think that the my saved config was in fact borked.

    >> 1) I find it really confusing to have a default route on each interface
    >> details.  It's clear to me now that I want to only set the default
    >> route on the interface which is my uplink, but it seems like maybe
    >> I should set the same thing on the other interfaces, but that leads
    >> to bad things.

    Dave> The default route is a bad leftover from the days nobody could decide
    Dave> on a routing protocol. Which is still the days.

Yes, most people will config via DHCP.  I'm suggesting that it's
confusing to have a default route box in basic config on interfaces
which are not the uplink. ...  I'm just saying that removing it would
make sense.

    >> 3) mDNS does not announce the actual hostname that I gave to the device
    >> only "cerowrt".

    Dave> that is presently set in /etc/avahi/something.

    Dave> The long term plan has become to follow the mdnsext work and fold it
    Dave> into dnsmasq. Probably. configured with something via a ubus

okay, so dnsmasq is not doing mDNS announcements at this point, we have
an avahi running?   I just built openwrt, I need to pull your git tree
now that I'm sure that I have a working build environment.

    >> 4) I guess the "prefix routed to this device for other interfaces" is
    >> the beginnings of 6204/homenet support.  I'm unclear if it makes
    >> sense for it to be settable on multiple interfaces, at least not
    >> I think it belongs in the advanced settings pane.

    Dave> Not sure what you mean. I don't really get the 6relayd stuff.

There are three new boxes on *each* interface definition:
a) "subnet which is routed here for allocation"
b) prefix length to assign
c) hint as to prefix to assign.

Since my ISP doesn't run DHCPv6 (PD), I enter my prefix on ge00.

(I noticed that the IPv6 DHCP client is on a virtual interface "ge01",
which I think it really confusing... at least, it should be named
ge00_v6 or something which makes it clear it's not a VLAN either)

Entering (a) is good because it produces a:
	 ip -6 route add blackhole prefix/len

which means that any subnet that isn't allocated anywhere does not
result in a routing loop.  It also causes the 6relayd to assign prefixes
to each interface. 

I will see if I can hack on 6relayd, because I really like this.

    >> At least one prefix is behind another router, so this router can not
    >> see that prefix is already in use.  Suggestion: start at highest
    >> number available and work downwards.

    Dave> Two interior prefix allocation methods have been described by the
    Dave> homenet and hipnet rfcs. openwrt follows neither at present.

sure, that's not the point.  The point is that the set of "prefixes in
use" is not limited to just those on local interfaces, but also ones
that might have a static route elsewhere.   Yes, I agree that routing
protocols are important and useful... that's why I have 4x 3800 now for
play and testing :-)

The incidence of conflict would be less if the auto-assigned numbers
started from highest number.  At least for me, it would.

    >> 6) is there anything between complete flash and boot?
    >> If I hold down "factory reset" until it's yellow, what does that
    >> mean?  I'd like a "reset to LAN-1 has no-VLANs, just DHCP+v6-ULA-RA"
    >> and configuration is ignored, but is still present.  Is that
    >> possible?

    Dave> No.

Is such a thing possible?  Maybe using one of the other buttons on the
front?  I don't know how the 

    >> 8) I can't make the firewall do what I want, given that I have routed
    >> public IPv4, so I wind up just writing iptables command in the
    >> firewall.user file...

    Dave> yea, that's become such an uncommon case....

I understand that :-)
I asked my ISP if I could give them some v4 space back, but they never
answered me.  I suspect that they don't want any back until ARIN is
truly empty..

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