[Cerowrt-devel] 3.8.8-4 Question/Issue

William Katsak wkatsak at gmail.com
Wed May 22 07:39:28 EDT 2013


I finally updated my main home router from an OLD cero build
(pre-Sugarland, it had been running perfectly, so I left it alone). I
figured I would be adventurous and go to 3.8.8-4.

After reconfiguring everything, it seems to work fine, other than one
issue: I use Amazon VOD, Netflix, Hulu, etc. at lot at home, and in
particular, Amazon VOD has started to have a little stutter often enough to
be annoying.

Am I missing a parameter someplace, or is it likely that there is a bug?
How to determine?

I am using the GUI AQM interface, with nfq_codel/simple.qos. I have tried a
few permutations of these settings, nothing seems to help, so I assume it
is something internal, or on the wireless side.

Anything I should try tweaking?

Bill Katsak
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