[Cerowrt-devel] development build 3.10.17-1 released

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Oct 20 01:41:05 EDT 2013

+ sync with openwrt
+ dnsmasq 2.67rc4
+ get_cycles() and /dev/random fixes
+ mild firewall changes
+ actually sort of tested
-  sysupgrade still busted
- didn't package the jitter rng

The simple expedient of putting a script in /etc/rc.local to restart
pimd, minissdpd, and dnsmasq 60 seconds after boot appears to get us a
working dhcp/dns on the wifi interfaces once again.

dnsmasq wasn't busted, it was how it interfaces to netifd. the march
down to something deployable resumes with rc4.

This is the first test that I know of, of some of the RNG fixes
upstream, notably the mips code does the right thing with a highly
optimized "get_cycles()".

There are two changes to the firewall code

1) There has been a long-standing error in not blocking port 161
(snmp) from the outside world. It is now blocked by default.

Although I am not aware of any exploits of this (besides the
information leakage) I would recommend blocking this port by default
on your existing builds, also, or disabling the snmp daemon entirely
if you do not use it.

2) Usage of the "pattern matching syntax" on various firewall rules.

Instead of 3 rules for se00,sw00,sw10, and 4 for gw00,gw10,gw01,gw11
there are now 1 rule for s+ and one rule for gw+

This does not show up in the web interface correctly. I'd also like to
get to a more efficient rule set for the blocked ports, perhaps with


It's sort of my hope that with these fixes that the march towards a
stable release can resume, and we get some fresh shiny new bugs out of

Upcoming next are a revised version of pie, more random number fixes,
and I forget what else.


Dave Täht

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