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I would be rather interested in participating in this next year, and it
seems likely I'd have to partner up with some eu org to do so....

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Date: Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 2:46 AM
Subject: [Battlemesh] Confine Open Call for participation: experiments and
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Hi, we presented our ongoing work in v6. Now we have a mechanism to
bring in new ideas and networks to the project. Funding is available for
participation through this competitive open call. You're welcome to
apply. Best regards, Leandro.

Open Call 2: Connected communities: A future internet, built by the
people for the people

CONFINE - Community Networks Testbed for the Future Internet
The CONFINE FP7 Integrated Project is designing, building and operating
a distributed testbed to support experimental research in community
networking: http://community-lab.net/.

Open call for participation:

Funding is available for
i) experiments relevant to community networks that make use of the
existing Community-Lab testbed.
ii) expansion of the Community-Lab testbed over other community networks
that bring added value to the testbed.

The deadline for applications is Saturday October 19, 2013, at 17:00h
Brussels time.
Details at: http://confine-project.eu/open-call-2/

Topics of interest for this open call are around community networking,
on aspects such as but not limited to:
* Wireless mesh networks
* Wireless MAC and routing protocols
* Services and applications for community networks
* Cross-layer designs
* Hybrid networks with wireless and optical fibre links
* Tools for bootstrapping and running community networks
* Performance modelling and evaluation
* Quality of service provisioning
* Quality of experience in community networks
* Community network security and privacy
* Large-scale management and data collection infrastructures
* Incentive models for encouraging users and businesses to participate
in community networks
* Socio-technical-economic experiments for community networks
* Legal aspects of community networks
* Increasing public awareness about the potential of community networks
* Engaging citizens and local administrations in community network

Summary of the call:
* Budget available: up to EUR 750 K€ Commission funding. The requested
funding per proposal should normally be in the order of EUR 50 to 100 K€.

* Total number of proposals: up to 8-15 proposals.

* Number of partners per proposal: usually 1 but can be up to 2.

* Duration of the participation: minimum duration is 12 months from
February 2014, and the maximum duration
is 20 months, until end of the project in September 30, 2015.

* Submissions: Proposals should be submitted in English and the
submission is accepted only electronically, in a
single PDF file, to the following email address:
confine-oc-submission at ac.upc.edu.

* Deadline: Saturday October 19, 2013, at 17:00h Brussels time.

* Contact: Felix Freitag, UPC, phone: +34 934011609, Email (preferably)
for information (not submissions): opencall2 at confine-project.eu

Leandro Navarro
http://people.ac.upc.edu/leandro http://dsg.ac.upc.edu
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Dave Täht

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