[Cerowrt-devel] Opportunity to plug CeroWRT

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 00:01:47 EDT 2014

On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 7:27 PM, Chuck Anderson <cra at wpi.edu> wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 07:17:19PM -0600, Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:
>> Ask Slashdot: Which Router Firmware For Bandwidth Management?
>> http://ask.slashdot.org/story/14/04/17/2018234/ask-slashdot-which-router-firmware-for-bandwidth-management
> Done :-)

while I love what we've accomplished here, and love the community
that's developed around CeroWrt and bufferbloat.net, and I'm proud of
all the problems we've solved together...

"Plugging CeroWrt" is missing the point.

What *I* want, at least, from our efforts, is for the ideas and code
to spread, and to make it into *everything*, every router, every
switch, every device that has to deal with a bandwidth disparity, or
ipv6, or needs better security, everywhere in the world, and to make a
better internet, for everybody.

And I'd like to reduce the bug count, by a lot.

Cero is the spanish word for zero.
WRT - which is to me a play on the english word "wart" - Zero Warts

I'd like to get past the darn wifi bug soon and to the point that the
only bug reports that we get are ones like these:
http://www.bufferbloat.net/issues/330 - and to one day be able to
solve them, fully, too. I'd like to have software that could one way
sail around the asteroids, without patching. (and ponies!)

The context of the slashdot request is someone is looking for an
802.11ac router with a good qos/packet scheduling/aqm system. We
haven't got a 802.11ac router supported yet, but we've tested SQM
extensively enough at a range of bandwidths ranging from 384k to
200Mbit, so it's my hope that Cero's SQM system could be used on all
openwrt derived devices - and the ideas in it used in everything.

so it would be GREAT if the requester merely leveraged that on their
new hyperfast dual core arm box and reported back on what happened.
and even better if *all* the posters on that thread got something that
worked well true, and told another friend, and another.

I'm not convinced SQM is fully correct, even yet, and am not sure
about the streamboost stuff, or openwrt's qos-scripts, or dd-wrts -
all leveraging fq_codel - but they are all vastly better than what
they were last year due to our efforts, and they can only get better,
due to a solid theoretical foundation and codebase. (Getting to where
it just works is going to take a while longer, it seems!)

So if you feel an urge to post to slashdot, please talk to the
specific technologies we've fixed, and if you pimp cerowrt there or
anywhere else, make sure to point out that we're out on the bleeding
edge of research here, 5 years ahead of nearly everyone else, and it's
sometimes a rough ride!


Earlier tonight, Jim wrote me that Comcast just lit up IPv6 in boston and:

On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 6:46 PM, Jim Gettys <jg at freedesktop.org> wrote:
> Everything just worked.  Congrats.
> Jim

Thank you *all* for making that happen!


Weekend before last I took a little time to do a proof of concept
implementation on the edgerouter lte, and
tried to convince them to do the essential QA work then required to
embed it in their shipping products.

... Then I got buried with coping with the ramifications of the
heartbleed security disaster.

Earlier today I decided that no matter if felix's workaround for the
bug #442 wifi problem works or not, that
I needed to take a vacation. I came very close to getting on a plane
this evening.

Surfs up! http://www.nicaraguasurfreport.com/reportlist.php?id_secc=25&x_date=2014-04-17&z_date=%3D%2C%27%2C%27

I may or may not get felix's patch in before I go, but before sunday
for sure, and I'll take a wndr3800 with me and test the heck out of
it, with y'all - hopefully in environments that will twiddle the bug -

and if it works halfway decently, leave it behind with the owner of my
favorite coffee shop down there


before departing. If I have spare luggage space, I might pack a
couple, and drop them off at
one of the local schools


That was my mission, before bloat blew it all up.

Years ago, when another dave burnt out, and left the industry, I wrote
him a thank you note.


10 years from now, if we are truly successful, you'll be able to get
reliable, fast, ipv6 based internet,
anywhere in the world, and you too, will be able to point to the box
blinking in the corner,

and you can say,  "you wuz there first".

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