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I just read Vint Cerf's latest column in IEEE Internet Computing (October 2014), paper edition that arrived in the mail.  Entitled "Bufferbloat and other Internet challenges", it highlights Jim Gettys, Dave Taht, Eric Dumazet, Codel/FQ_code, the CeroWRT/OpenWRT team, etc. pointing out that
"The use of open source software to promote broad adoption and use of new technology is now well demonstrated ... The CeroWRT/OpenWRT effort could have a similar effect, especially if the resulting software can be ported to a variety of hardware platforms."
This is a quote and a column you can "take to the bank", especially the "if ... can be ported to other hardware platforms", which it should be.
Congratulations, all.  I have said before that this project's technical contribution impresses me as much as Bram Cohen's creation of the original BitTorrent, and that's no small comment.  I nominated him for a number of awards at the time, and he got at least one (he would have gotten "best paper of the year" if he had published his paper in an ACM journal, in my opinion.)  Now Vint's opinion is supporting your work as well (and that has real weight).
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