[Cerowrt-devel] that perpetual quest for funding

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 13:31:24 EST 2014

I saw this go by today...




I really hate that I do not qualify as an "academic"[1], nor do the
other many open source developers advancing the state of the art - and
probably would have trouble passing that particular bar... nor do I
know what, specifically we do here that could apply to the parameters
of this grant program...

... but doing another cerowrt version, make-wifi-fast, tinc-fq,
fq_codel improvement, or any of the half dozen things like making
dnssec, ipv6, or source specific routing more deployable...

that we have done as outgrowths of the bufferbloat effort...

on the same budget (nearly none) as we have survived on for the last 4
years, is just *not in the cards*.

At least not for me! It's been fun working with you all, and
wonderfully productive... but I'd like to get off of top ramen.

Are there things in the above, in the context of making home
networking safer/smarter/faster/better, that could apply? Or any
context, really? (benchmarking? simulation work)

I did submit a proposal elsewhere for the "make fair queuing work well
with vpns" idea that I proposed on this list earlier this month,
rather than sit down and spend the time to actually do it...

... and I am looking over various other SBIR and NSF style grants.

... and trying to figure out what to do next year, that makes sense.

Dave Täht

[1] I would really like to find a way to partner up formally with a uni or two.


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