[Cerowrt-devel] HNCP protocol design RFC and code

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Fri Feb 7 13:51:42 EST 2014

HNCP is going to solve a lot of problems with border discovery,
propagating ipv6 prefixes and other problems like that. It looks like
it will break the logjam we've had for 2+ years in homenet with the
incendiary "embed config info in routing protocol" vs "embed config in
a separate protocol" debate.

Some code already exists for openwrt. I haven't had time to read the
draft or code fully, but with the latent integration into opewrt's
ubus system it seems probable we can replace AHCP in the long run.

I love that HNCP uses the trickle protocol underlying.

My only glancing comments were that the crypto architecture needs
work, and it wasn't clear if /128s could be distributed and there is
probably more configuration information that needs to be propagated
across a homenet. Also I'd still like to see some ipv4 concerns (like
local nat discovery) also addressed.

Please make your comments on the homenet mailing list, not here.

This is not slated for the upcoming cero stable release.

See below for links.

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   (Generic PA one in the works, but submitted also 'soon')

Experimental partial implementation:



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