[Cerowrt-devel] saner defaults for config/firewall

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Mon Feb 24 04:29:36 EST 2014

Hi Vincent,

On Feb 24, 2014, at 09:07 , Vincent Frentzel <zcecc22 at c3r.es> wrote:

>> 1) a more "normal", bridged implementation more like people are used to.
> Regarding this scenario. I tried to revert cerowrt to a bridged setup and ended up with a completely broken system. 
> I bridged the interface as follow, eth0.1 + sw10 + sw00. Connecting over wifi worked fine except that cabled host could not be pinged. Connecting over ethernet did nt work at all (no DHCP received, cannot ping router with manually assigned IP).

	I could be totally out for lunch here, but shouldn't that be se00 (secure ethernet) instead of eth0.1? At least on 3.10.28-14 neuter "ifconfig" nor /etc/config/network mentions eth0.1 at all. Could you post both of these (so the result of calling ifconfig on a terminal on the router and the content of /etc/config/network ;), I am sure you know what I meant, just dying to be verbose for the sake of people stumbling over the archive of the mailing list)

> Was something related to bridges removed in cerowrt?
> The config I used works fine on Barrier Breaker.

best regards

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