[Cerowrt-devel] ADSL2+ modem

Fred Stratton fredstratton at imap.cc
Thu Jan 9 14:40:36 EST 2014

I mentioned a model on the list recently.

Are you remembering that? The model was the TP-Link TD-W8970. This is 
Lantiq-based, as is the DSLAM to which I attach. Note that the TD-W8980 
looks identical, has a better feature set, but uses a Trendchip SoC, 
which is never going to have open source software, and is hopeless on 
long lines.

The TD-W8970 has telnet permanently on, with a password of 'admin', 
which is immutable. The latest firmware version,  28/08/2013, has a 
custom version of u-boot which is difficult to change if your header 
soldering skills are below par, but units in Europe have been shipped 
with an earlier firmware version. An earlier version allows flashing to 
OpenWRT, which is in development for, but unreleased on this device. 
There are no external clues on the product box concerning firmware version.

So, there is hope for the future with that device. As you could be 3 to 
4 kilometres from the exchange, I guess that a Lantiq box would hold the 
line. Others might disagree.


note the warnings.


reduce it's over buffering,,,

.'its', not 'it's' is the possessive form.)

On 09/01/14 18:25, David Personette wrote:
> I've seen reference on the mailing list to a DSL modem that had a 
> patched FW to reduce it's over buffering (but not the actual 
> manufacturer and model). I was going to get a modem soon, and thought 
> that it would be good to support a more open platform where I can. Did 
> anyone on the list know the details (including where to get the 
> updated FW)? Thanks in advance.
> -- 
> David P.
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