[Cerowrt-devel] Perfection vs. Good Enough

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Sat Jan 11 15:03:08 EST 2014

Hi Rich,

On Jan 11, 2014, at 19:47 , Rich Brown <richb.hanover at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Sebastian,
>> 	It is quite clear to me, that I failed to explain the matters surrounding ATM links properly. But if I can not explain this to a small group of technical experts there is no chance for me to explain this to lay persons. I will try my best to contribute to the "more than you ever wanted to know about link layer adaptation" page.
> Oh dear, please don’t think that. 

	Oh, I am sure there are people with more insight, who could explain the complications away, just I am not one of those :) I think you strike a good balance in the description of being informative and improving the typical user's experience with frightening people away with too much detail. I am happy to help with the scary part on the details page...

> You really have done a great job describing the problems of ATM links. I have snagged all the relevant points from the Link Layer discussion, and plan to include them in the “more than you want to know…” page. Your points A-G describing link framing in https://lists.bufferbloat.net/pipermail/cerowrt-devel/2014-January/001963.html will be a major part of the discussion.

	Note, I do not do networking for a living, so there will be inaccuracies in there (I tried my best though)

> But the fact that we can see many ways to improve the software shouldn’t stop us from celebrating our immense success to date. One way to do this would be by shipping a stable version to the world to try. And to do that, we need to provide good enough instructions that’ll work for new people, and all the details for those who want to dig further.

	Oh, yes, and I think your wiki page gets this balance right.

> On the other hand, I won’t say No to any help you want to provide. :-) I know you’re busy, so I’m happy to take a shot at it later this week. Thanks for all you’ve contributed to the conversation.


> Rich

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