[Cerowrt-devel] going down the todo list

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 07:51:59 EST 2014

I am going to try to knock out a new release by tomorrow...

-1) has minidnssd and upnp been working for others correctly?

0) Presently fooling with a new skin with the gui (it's in 3.10.26-2 -
don't! install that unless you merely want to look at the gui). I have
no opinion on graphical matters, yours solicited.

1) I have found that sqm does not always start correctly on boot. There is some
dependency on something firing to get it to start.

2) dnsmasq's dnssec support isn't quite baked enough to think about
putting into a "stabler" release.

3) I updated most of the onboard doc, still have to finish the credits file

4) bcp38 turns out to be hard to do correctly in our commonly
double-natted universe. I think I will try to make the facility
available but only enable it partially by default.

5) David personette fixed https support for the gui so we will switch
to https for the next round

6) squash incoming diffserv bits. I think perhaps wireshark is
grabbing the packets before iptables thus I don't see them squashed

7) native ipv6 and dhcpv6-pd support - as discussed on the list, a
full solution is gated on steven barth. The massive rework of the
routing infrastructure he put in friday needs to be tested too,

I am hopefully gaining ipv6 from comcast today to see stuff for myself.

8) src/dst routing test of babels - needs work

9) updated shaperprobe, uftp4, and ditg - no progress

10) iwl related crash and unaligned instructions - I have some data on
when and how much they happen now, still no insight as to why

Dave Täht

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