[Cerowrt-devel] Is there a way to turn off slow wifi speeds on the 3800?

David Lang david at lang.hm
Mon Jan 20 17:40:30 EST 2014


   Since you have dug into the wifi driver for the 3800 I thought I'd ask here 
since I can't find the answer elsewhere, is there a way to disable the slow wifi 
speeds (802.11b) on the 3800?

Also, in a month I'm going to be running a conference wifi network with about 30 
3800 APs deployed. The way I've had it setup in the past is that I bridge the 5G 
radios to one vlan, the 2.4G radios to another vlan (with different SSIDs and 
have DHCP, DNS, routing (including IPv6), Internet connection, etc handled 
centrally. Is there an advantage to basing my image off of Cerowrt instead of 
Openwrt for this configuration?

I selected this topology so that devices can transparently move from one AP to 
another as they move through the hotel.

I'm thinking that in this configuration Cerowrt isn't likely to help much, if at 

David Lang

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