[Cerowrt-devel] upnpd problem semi-solved

Paul Handly paul at hand.ly
Wed Jan 29 12:25:31 EST 2014

SSDP registration (server) and subsequent discovery (client) across
subnets was what I needed minissdpd for, but the devices I was trying to
drive (Sonos) are kind of pricey as a test case.

Having an IPv6 address on the listen interface/s broke the old build of
minissdpd, so I had to choose between IPv6 and Sonos.

Paul Handly <paul at hand.ly>

On Wed, Jan 29, 2014, at 11:55, Dave Taht wrote:
> The version I was carrying in ceropackages was obsolete and didn't
> integrate
> into fw3. Dropped that release, built from openwrt head, I can open ports
> now
> from the transmission bittorrent client and from dns-sd (on macos) now.
> the author tells me the latest version (not what I built, it's only a
> few days old) does PCP also.
> 1) It's not clear to me why minissdpd was needed?
> 2) Are there any other test cases I could try?
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> Dave Täht
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