[Cerowrt-devel] edgerouter fq_codel notes

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 13:32:08 EDT 2014

A few months back I took a timeout (pair of weekends!) to get fq_codel
up and running on the edgerouter series of products from ubiquiti. It
was nice to have a chance to deal with questions from a new audience,
see what went wrong at higher rates, reframe my arguments, explain
stuff in general, and deal with a whole new set of bugs....

registration and joining the developer program is required to see the
enormous (230+ messages!) thread generated, which grew increasingly
philosophical towards the end...


In the long run I hope to use this enormous volume of text and links
in some new writing(s), particularly on BQL, but if you are bored of
the slow traffic here, have fun over there. There were also about 10
subthreads generated throughout the site, if you search for fq_codel.

Although I like the edgerouter series a lot (the pro has been really
helpful in my lab), it does seem like a significant amount of work is
needed to make it do what I wanted (good >200mbit inbound qos), well,
and while that work continues (there is much buried potential in the
hardware!), I keep looking for easier wins. Certainly even the
edgerouter lite outperforms cerowrt across the board.

Dave Täht

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