[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt-3.10.44-3 released

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Wed Jun 18 16:42:35 EDT 2014

Steven Barth <cyrus at openwrt.org> wrote:
    > Sorry, seems we have a bad timing these days. I just merged gmp, nettle and
    > dnssec-support into trunk and updated them to their latest versions
    > respectively. There is now a third dnsmasq build-variant "dnsmasq-full" which
    > includes DHCPv6, DNSSEC, Authoritative DNS and IPSET support. This is
    > of


    > Furthermore on the homenet front: naming should now work again (at least it
    > does on vanilla OpenWrt) and all the addressing / prefix stuff is
    > configurable now. We also added a new package luci-app-hnet which allows to
    > configure the global settings through the UI and also adds a nifty topology
    > visualization for the network. I will continue trying to build it into cero

And post them to homenet WG list too!!!

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