[Cerowrt-devel] Better than speedtest.net?

Lucas Wan lucas.wan at magma.ca
Mon Mar 24 12:33:14 EDT 2014

I found that testmy.net seems to have insufficient bandwidth to handle the testing.  For my connection, testmy.net reports 20 Mbps, while speedtest 160 Mbps.  So I would not rely on what testmy.net says.
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Hello everyone! I was looking for a website better than speedtest.net and well I think I may have found one and it is called testmy.net and what I found is that you are able to change the server selection well to be able to determine if you have routing issues or so. and also their test allows you to customize how much megabyte to download or upload so the test runs for over 10 seconds to better get a accurate estimate of your speeds. I have used it and I got different results from using speedtest.net and testmy.net and so I wanted to let ya about it to see if people could use that instead of speedtest.net and thoughts? 
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