[Cerowrt-devel] [Bloat] fast lanes

Laurent GUERBY laurent at guerby.net
Fri May 16 04:08:56 EDT 2014

On Thu, 2014-05-15 at 18:03 -0700, Dave Taht wrote:
> A side note: It's taken me a long time to finally realize what was
> wrong with level3's recent blog posting here:
> http://blog.level3.com/global-connectivity/observations-internet-middleman/
> The loss chart on the right here that they show to support their
> argument that the current interconnects are "incurring excessive delay
> and loss" fails utterly to support their argument -
> http://blog.level3.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/route_info_1.jpg
> It SHOULD show diurnal variance, and doesn't. The loss rates it shows
> are both consistent and quite low, compared to the bandwidth being
> used up, (indicating more of a cabling problem? or excessive load on
> the other switch? or?)

The right graph is in log scale while the left i linear,
I'd say they show the same pattern.

As for loss rate, may be the real "big" loss number is on another
interface in the chain.



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