[Cerowrt-devel] A stable cerowrt release in sight

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Fri May 16 02:36:11 EDT 2014

it is now mid-may, about 3 months after I'd hoped to finally have a
stable release.

and I've spent about 8 months longer on this than I really could
afford. I'm glad that we seem to have a stable release of dnsmasq, the
sqm system is stable, and
aside from bug 442 I haven't hard crashed a box in months and months.

I considered bug 442 to be a showstopper and have spent most of the
last months trying to isolate it. There's some cool code for blowing
up queues in a repo of mine in particular.

So as for fixing 442...

I give up.

Disabling 802.11e entirely appears to fix it in some limited testing,
and as 802.11e is both broken conceptually and operationally, I don't
feel like trying to fix it anymore, I just want a stable release and
to move on to doing something - anything! else.

So hopefully the upcoming 3.10.40-4 build will be stable enough to
freeze on. If there is anything else that people want done before
freezing, let me know soonest.

In other news, availablilty of the 3800 series has dried up almost completely:


I have been evaluating multiple pieces of alternate hardware for years
now. In terms of a "continue with cerowrt-with-minimal-changes" play,

1) "tp-link archer c7 v2 ac1750" (the v2 part is critical) - uses a
mildly more powerful processor than the wndr3800, has the same amount
of flash and memory, 2 usb ports, and comes with an ath10k chip that
theoretically does 802.11ac with a proprietary firmware blob (but has
an ath9k for 2.4ghz operation).  The performance of the ath10k sucks
rocks presently. It costs 99 bucks at frys.

I have been testing using one for a week now (with straight openwrt) and it's
pretty stable. It also doesn't live up to its billing - it can't
forward packets faster than 350mbits, only slightly better than the
wndr3800, and I figure it won't come close to 802.11ac speeds either.

In terms of finding something faster...

2) Am still waiting on the belkin wrt product to show up

3) am mostly hacking on x86 gear to get the speed I wanted to have

I just want a stable release, to sip boat drinks for a while, and try to come up
with a strategy to move forward from here that makes sense.

I'm open to ideas as to how to spend the next year more productively.

In other, other news, the ubnt edgerouter fq_codel test is going fairly well.

Dave Täht

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