[Cerowrt-devel] [Bloat] Comcast upped service levels -> WNDR3800 can't cope...

Sujith Manoharan sujith at msujith.org
Tue Sep 2 09:49:40 EDT 2014

Jonathan Morton wrote:
> I can't tell what the newer products under the Killer brand (taken over by
> Qualcomm/Atheros) really are, but they are sufficiently reduced in cost, size
> and complexity to be integrated into "gamer" PC motherboards and laptops, and
> they respond to being driven like standard (newish) Atheros hardware.  In
> particular, it's unclear whether they do most of their special sauce in
> software (so Windows-specific) or firmware.

That is correct. The newer Killer cards can be used as normal WLAN NICs in Linux,
they are detected by ath9k and no special code is needed for them.


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