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Subject: [Battlemesh] Solar Charge Controllers goes for mesh with
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at german solarfestival 2014 we deployed a medium-size Freifunk Mesh
(Openwrt Chaos Calmer with both olsr and batman-adv, configured via
uplink was LTE, so the first two days we had 20Mbit/s into Internet, and
then the next days only 50kbyte/s.

its a yearly festival where only renewable energies are allowed to be
used - for any kind of interests (music, PA, discolight, coffeemachines,
wifi-nodes and laptop-chargings)
we also (reverse) engineered the most-used cheap solar chargers (with
MPPT). The data, usually only displayed on a LCD can now be read out
from mesh-nodes (via usb+libmodbus) and then spreaded via batman-adv (we
will use alfred packet type 3 in next future for this) into mesh.

one meshnode with installed collectd was making the statistics from all
these multicasted data.

our video about it:

greetings, ufo

p.s. so, if you ever see a display on a solar charging unit in the wild
like this:
it can be upgraded to a meshed solar system, easily!

p.p.s. more infos at https://gitorious.org/tracertools/pages/Home
we still dont know the used CRC-Code :-/ so if someone with crc
experience could have a look at this problem?

Freifunk Leipzig http://leipzig.freifunk.net
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Dave Täht


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