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Subject: [proto-quic] Bad router QoS settings can disrupt QUIC
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I just fixed a problem where Google Chrome wasn't working well with
Google sites and wanted to share my experience in case it helps

The problem was that Google sites were loading very slowly in Chrome
using QUIC. HTTP requests everywhere were working fine, but Google
search and Google Groups using QUIC were super-slow. I think the
problem was my router's QoS settings. The default QoS config for this
firmware has a rule which is "unidentified UDP protocols are labeled
Crawl and limited to 5% of bandwidth". QUIC was unidentified. Removing
that rule fixed the problem.

The QoS rule in the router is definitely stupid but it may not be
entirely uncommon. I had the rule as a default from Tomato v1.32
(Toastman). I think some of the newer Tomato/Shibby builds have a rule
like this as well. QoS is off by default in Tomato, but if you turn it
on you get this Crawl classification. And while Tomato is hackerware
and people who use it should know better, I suspect many of its QoS
ideas have made their way into commercial products. Newer ASUS
routers, for instance, have a Tomato-derived firmware installed.

Every time I see a new UDP protocol on the Internet I worry what all
may break. I love UDP but a whole lot of Internet infrastructure these
days is optimized only for TCP (or worse, HTTP). I don't think QUIC is
a bad idea at all, I'm just curious what UDP misconfigurations it will

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Dave Täht
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