[Cerowrt-devel] ar71xx CC builds and tc

Matt Taggart matt at lackof.org
Thu Aug 13 18:50:46 EDT 2015


I have installed a bunch of wndr3800's in the last few days with CC and
noticed a couple things:

1) sometime around Aug 11 the ar71xx-generic builds jumped from having a
date of mid july and using a 3.18 kernel, to having a Aug 11 date and
4.1.4 kernel. I guess builds weren't working and then got fixed? Anyway
maybe a good time for people to test newer builds.

2) CC doesn't seem to include tc by default now, so when I installed
luci-app-sqm (which pulls in sqm-scripts) things weren't working
correctly. After I installed tc then it started working. Toke, maybe
you need to have sqm-scripts start depending on tc?


Matt Taggart
matt at lackof.org

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