[Cerowrt-devel] I have a Lantiq ADSL modem under OpenWRT; Willing to test cake

Fred Stratton fredstratton at imap.cc
Sun Jul 12 16:26:52 EDT 2015

As someone on the periphery, I congratulate you in getting the TP-Link 
device flashed via a serial port. I bricked one, and moved to the 
Buffalo WMBR-HP-G300H, which has 32MB of faster flash.

Barrier Breaker is a very stable release for Lantiq devices. I had 120 
days uptime, and few retrains.

Cake requires a later kernel than Barrier Breaker, so you would need to 
reflash a device with 8MB flash over a serial link with a less stable 
build of Chaos Calmer.

If you intend to try cake, I suggest a device such as the one I mention 
would give you a quieter life. It is freely available in Europe: I do 
not know about the US.

I remember there being very little free flash on the TP-Link, as you say.

On 12/07/15 21:02, Frank Horowitz wrote:
> G’Day folks,
> Just reading through the recent thread started by Fred Stratton: "Correct syntax for cake commands and atm issues.”
> It appears that Fred’s configuration is for a WNDR3800 running Cero/Lupin connected via an ethernet segment to a DSL modem to the outside world.
> My setup is  as follows. I have a Lantiq based TPlink TDW8970 as my actual DSL modem to the outside world running OpenWRT BarrierBreaker (and using the luci sqm scripts from that release). That TDW8970 is connected via an ethernet segment to a WNDR3700v2 running cero 3.10.50-1 (which is my router, leftover from using the junker DSL modem from my ISP that used to sit where the TDW8970 sits now).
> My DSL line-sync rates are 3712 Kb/s down and 448 Kb/s up. (I live out in the boonies, and refuse to do business with Time Warner Cable, so Frontier it is, complete with crappy speeds). As I understand their network topology, this isn’t a central office DSLAM, but a fiber-to-the-node thingy. The upshot is that unlike my last place with DSL to a central office, I have very stable line-sync rates with noise margins (as reported by luci) of about 38dB down and 28dB up. (If only Frontier would sell me a higher speed link, but I digress.)
> So, If there is any interest from the group in testing cake on such a marginal DSL configuration, I’m ready to give it a shot, but will need some instructions. Be aware that the TDW8970 is fairly constrained for overlay filespace — I currently have only ~800k free — so the install might be nontrivial.
> Cheers,
> 	Frank Horowitz
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