[Cerowrt-devel] CeroWrt 3.10.50-1 diagnostic help

Rich Brown richb.hanover at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 19:56:16 EDT 2015


I would like some suggestions for debugging a problem I have with CeroWrt.

I have deployed CeroWrt 3.10.50-1 on two WNDR3800's at a hospitality business nearby. These routers have worked fine in my house in the past. WNDR3800 #1 talks to my DSL modem (wifi disabled), and WNDR3800 #2 has its WAN wired to the LAN side of #1 (routed, no NAT). I also have a third router (Netgear something or another, running stock firmware and NAT) with its WAN port wired to WNDR3800 #2 LAN, at the far end of the property. While in operation, they work as expected, and fq_codel is doing its job (also as expected). The setup - all dashed lines are Ethernet:

[ Internet ] --- [Fairpoint DSL Modem] --- [WNDR3800 #1] --- [WNDR3800 #2] --- [Netgear ?] 

The problem is that the Wifi locks up on either/both WNDR3800's after a while (a day or so). Guests complain that they cannot connect to the wifi. If the innkeepers reboot the router, Presto! it's fine for a while longer. 

I have only been present once when it was in the stuck state, and wired access to/through the WNDR3800 #1 was fine. My Macbook was *not* able to get a connection through wifi, but both Wifi Explorer on the Mac and Wifi-Analyzer on android could see a healthy signal level (and no overlapping channels) on the expected channel. Here's the wifi setup:

- I only have one interface on each of the 2.4 and 5 GHz radios. (I turn off babel and the other wifi channel)
- All SSIDs (on each of the routers) are the same string "Loch Lyme Lodge"
-The wifi channels are different (1, 6, 11 for 2.4GHz, 36 & 44 for 5GHz) for all the routers

My questions:

- Any thoughts about what might be causing this?
- What should I look for (log files, symptoms, etc) next time I get the word that it has happened?

Many thanks!


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