[Cerowrt-devel] that latest build I did is looking good

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Thu Jun 25 16:15:51 EDT 2015

Hi Dave,

this looks really great, thanks a lot. As I want to take part in the cake party, this looks like the easiest/best way to start.

On Jun 25, 2015, at 19:34 , Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have been abusing it on a picostation and nanostation now for 48
> hours. The archer c7v2 (as a source specific gateway) for a week. A
> couple wndr3800s. No crashes. Can still trigger the dreaded wifi TX
> DMA bug, but it seems harder now. DID regularly crash the iwl in one
> box. [3]
> My mission was to get to something that I could deploy here at a small
> scale and just let run for a month while away in the eu, and that was
> looking dicy there for a while. (I am glad to have basically started
> in april!)
> So... we do, finally, have an openwrt build that uses cake, has the
> minstrel-blues patches, and andrews minimum variance patches, working
> dnssec (we hope!), and a new version of babel with ecn enabled, has
> snmp, that does dhcp-pd fairly right, and works with comcast. I also
> have things (odhcp6c is way better than isc, dibbler, wide) working
> fairly well with another debian based firewall.
> If/when new cake or sqm stuff arrives my plan (barring other major
> bugs elsewhere) is to just incrementally build that and tc-adv out of
> the above frozen repo. [1]

	Question: sqm is from the openwrt repository or from ceropackages-3.10? I ask as the latest changes are only in ceropackages 3.10, since they certainly require testing before being inflicted on the openwrt crowd…

Best Regards

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