[Cerowrt-devel] [sqm-scripts] not started at boot?

Alan Jenkins alan.christopher.jenkins at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 17:39:42 EST 2015

On 03/03/2015, Sebastian Moeller <moeller0 at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi Alan,

> 	Excellent, now we have positive results from CC (you are running CC I
> believe) and cerowrt.

I'm afraid I'm running BB with this package manually installed.

>> It still logs errors.
> 	In the boot log? I tend to consider these not as errors but as valid
> information; as long as sqm-scripts is still being tested I want it to be
> verbose, so I have an easier time actually helping people… But once we agree
> it is stable I will try to make it a bit more quiet…

The success messages make me happy too.  By errors, I meant lines like

$ log.txt < grep 'Cannot find device "pppoe-wan"' | wc -l

presumably because /etc/init.d/sqm is still assuming pppoe-wan (or so)
exists, and dies noisily because ppp hasn't started yet.

>> Probably only from running the initscript first, it was just so noisy I
>> thought it was still happening for every interface that came up :).   I
>> used `uci set system. at system[0].log_size=200; uci commit` to prevent log
>> overflow.
> 	Now that is useful, I always thought that this is a kernel default and can
> not be changed; so I learned something useful.

openwrt apparently uses busybox logd daemon (in userspace).  I
discovered it doesn't use files by default and has a small buffer in
memory, accessed using the `logread` command.

Kernel log buffer (`dmesg` command) is separate.  It can be sized
using the kernel boot option... log_buf_len.


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