[Cerowrt-devel] some thoughts towards medals and other recognition for fundamental contributions to the internet

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 09:48:11 EST 2015

There are plenty of people involved in the bufferbloat project who
already have got plenty of medals, awards and statuettes - Eric
Raymond, Jim Gettys, Paul Vixie, Vint Cerf, Fred Baker, etc...

And there are now a bunch of newer people that have made enormous
contributions to making the Internet better, and it would be good to
somehow, give them some recognition for that.

Are there some set of medal granting organisations we could submit
these peoples' names to?

* Kathie Nichols and Van Jacobson - for making a fundamental
contribution towards understanding the causes of network latency with
* Jesper Dangaard-Brauer - for solving all the thorny rateshaping
problems on PPPoe/ATM/DSL in his masters thesis (and in running code)
* Tom Herbert - for the invention of BQL
* Eric Dumazet - for the invention of fq_codel (and being the worlds
greatest active network programmer!)
* Juliusz Chroboczek - for solving nearly all the problems that
distance vector routing had, and making source specific routing
actually work
* Greg White - for driving the DOCSIS 3.1 standard
* Simon Kelly - IMHO, he deserves a knighthood and place in the
mythology along with Tim-Berners-Lee - as unlike http, dnsmasq has
been invisible, nearly as widespread, and far less problematic. He's
England's national treasure, and just spent 3 years making DNSSEC
deployable along the edge, besides.
* PI, PIE teams.
* No doubt I am not remembering someone, apologies! please feel free
to offer up some suggestions! (but what I am mostly looking for is a
(set of) place(s) to give names to!)

Even without finding some separate medal granting org, I have longed
to create a *new* award - an "Internet Pioneers Award".

It would feature a statuette of an engineer, chained to a rock,
marketroids eating his guts out, with a dozen arrows in his back, with
hands outstretched - holding up a shiny new piece of technology.

First up, for that award (and I can think of plenty of others
eligible!), would be this guy:


... without whom, it would have taken a lot longer for the entire home
router market to exist.

In addition to the statue that award would include an all-expenses
paid trip to some tropical beach, somewhere, that didn't have

I see isoc does some stuff, the process for national science awards is
not very clear... LF does some stuff...

What else is there?

Dave Täht
Let's make wifi fast, less jittery and reliable again!


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