[Cerowrt-devel] CeroWrt bits not in OpenWrt (renamed thread)

Alan Jenkins alan.christopher.jenkins at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 16:43:49 EDT 2015

On 12/03/15 20:31, Alan Jenkins wrote:
> On 12/03/15 16:43, Rich Brown wrote:
>> - BB seems to have bloat, and I don't understand how to install and
>> configure the QoS/SQM scripts.
> Install qos-scripts package.  package install requires first updating, 
> since package cache does not persist over reboots. Pleasantly that 
> detail isn't too obscure in luci System -> Software.  "Update lists" 
> button is at the top & there's a neighboring label saying "No package 
> lists available".
> The install doesn't automatically enable the `qos` init script. Maybe 
> it's a general policy like how Fedora treats daemons.  You must
> `/etc/init.d/qos enable`, or use luci System -> Startup
>> (And is there a Luci GUI?)
> luci-app-qos.  Installing that package will pull in qos-scripts for 
> you.  It's an easy way to enable qos.  qos is disabled by default... 
> which made three steps so far just to enable it. Though I suppose you 
> need to enter the upload / download speed here anyway, before it can 
> sensibly be enabled.

Gah, that was stupidly unclear.  I mean

1. luci-app-qos gives you a nice page under Network -> QOS.

2. There's a config to enable qos, separate from enabling the init 
script, after you've installed qos-scripts.  It's a pity it's not just 
enabled once you start the init script.  luci could just give you a 
button on the QOS page to enable/disable the init script (and start/stop 
at the same time!).  Job done.

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