[Cerowrt-devel] help wanted: maintaining and upgrading the yurtlab campus network

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 18:15:07 EDT 2015

I have deployed bits and pieces of the latest bits of the
make-wifi-fast work, and there are now 4 generations of AP and
directional APs on the los gatos, ca, campground I use for this stuff.

But: The latest deployment  (running babels) seems to be messing up
the oldest generation of radios (running babel on zebra on linux
3.7.5!), and I really lack time to go around climbing ladders and
trees to update the remaining radios to the latest firmware - and
would prefer to be adding things and testing things like
minstrel-blues to that firmware - and maybe getting hnetd to finally
work - rather than fixing on the campus.

If anyone out there would like to - or knows anyone(s) that would like
to - help out spending a day or three every month in the coming months
in deploying new debloated wifi code and radios, (I can do this as a
paid thing, if needed, or get you a free yurt to stay in overnight), I
would really appreciate it.

I note that it is kind of an unusual place by many standards... but
was the only place in the world I found in 2 years of trying where I
could control all the wifi hardware and software, and few labs in the
universe come with a pool, and hottub.


Dave Täht
Let's make wifi fast, less jittery and reliable again!


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