[Cerowrt-devel] [Bloat] capturing packets and applying qdiscs

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 14:13:08 EDT 2015

On 03/27/2015 01:15 PM, Aaron Wood wrote:

> capturing in radiotap mode, you get RSSI/noise levels on the 802.11n
> packet, the rates involved, everything.  It's very nice for digging into
> issues.

Nod.  Done some of that.

> Unfortunately, the next problem is a "can't see the forest for the
> trees", as there are no good high-level analysis tools for captured
> traffic that I've found.  Most of the commercial packages seem to offer
> summary stats, but not much more (nothing like airtime utilization over
> time, negotiated rates over time, aggregate/per-station throughput over
> time, etc.)

More nod and that's the sort of thing I'm specifically looking to find. 
  Out of all of these stations associated which station (or stations) is 
chewing up the most RF time.

horst can show you some of this but its per packet and modulation and 
not per station.  I've been in contact with the author to see about 
adding stats per station but he says it's a pretty big effort.

What I'm most likely going to do is use it's output feature to generate 
a log and then post process that in python where I can easily aggregate 
things on a per MAC address.

Richard A. Smith

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