[Cerowrt-devel] [Bloat] sqm-scripts on WRT1900AC

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun May 24 02:44:33 EDT 2015

yes, as it turned out I too was watching even linksys's unannounced
products enter the openwrt mainline with great joy (a core dev (imre)
does some work for them). I had fiddled with it a few months back...

... and I had tried to do a build w/cake+pie+fq_pie for it a few days
ago but the toolchain broke on my increasingly out of date main build
box (snapon). The right answer there is to get that stuff built out of
the main openwrt build system...

The marvell wifi driver for that box was dramatically improved last
christmas with fresh code from marvell, but I have not looked at it
closely to see how well the structure of the driver or the hardware
could align with the goals of make-wifi-fast. (has anyone? I am still
in pain from the ath10k work...)

the mvneta ethernet driver lacked bql when last I looked and was
really agressive about GRO offloads in particular. Both are easily

And it has a fan. Hate fans. Amusingly (I guess), I had this same
chipset to fiddle with in the "mirabox" and it ran waaaay too hot.

It is not clear why you are getting an inaccurate rate out of it, either.

It is a leading candidate, but I would prefer to find a hardware
partner that cared about our issues enough to work with us, rather
than ignore us as netgear did.

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