[Cerowrt-devel] Flent now has its own mailing lists (and web site!)

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Fri May 29 20:27:53 EDT 2015

Hi everyone

Flent (The FLExible Network Tester, formerly netperf-wrapper) now has
its own mailing lists. See https://lists.flent.org for the web interface
and subscription options. This is running on mailman3, so fairly
bleeding edge with a few rough spots, but should generally work.

This means that I'll stop posting announcements on these lists, so if
you want to continue to be notified of new releases, please subscribe to
flent-announce. And of course, feel free to use the -devel and -users
lists as well!

The lists are also available on Gmane as gmane.network.flent.{announce,devel,users}.

Flent now also has its own web site at https://flent.org - and the
documentation (i.e. the man page) has been reformatted for the web so
should now hopefully be more accessible. This documentation is also in
the source code repository in the doc/ directory - contributions very

Hope to see you on the Flent list(s)! :)


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