[Cerowrt-devel] turris omnia cracks 300k in funding

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 07:02:16 EST 2015

I am pretty excited to see this happen.


Maybe it will arduino-ize (or raspberry pi) the home router/cpe
market, and multiple manufacturers, vendors, and ISPS, jump on the
open gerbers(?), and architecture to turn it into a home routing
platform we as a community can be proud of.

In particular, I have some hope for an open gpon SFP, and I do keep
hoping we'll end up with a good wifi device of some sort for it - I'm
still trying to get into some decent new 802.11ac chipsets here, I
hope they have picked one out and established a good relationship with
the manufacturer.

I do sometimes, get bothered by the sort of "exciting" things people
add as "stretch" goals.

I'd love someone to promise - in exchange for funding -

A) years of free or inexpensive updates - or a plan for such
B) or an improved kernel - or a continuously improved one
C) or an extensive QA and build farm during the product build process
D) years of uptime and reliability after ship
E) email suport

Something that to me, says "this will be a quality product". Why do
people not think about long term costs of maintaining something that
you will own for 5-15 years or more? I'd gladly pay $12/yr to *know*
my home router was being maintained properly. But maybe that's just

I'd like to see something that doesn't treat the really difficult
parts of OS and driver development and maintenance as invisible costs.
I'd love to know this puppy was going to be well maintained, and not
abandoned. I worry that the OS is an openwrt "fork", not a branch, and
wonder what kernels will be on it, and wonder if it will be ietf
homenet compliant, etc.

It bugs me there seems to be no mailing list or git tree or buildbot
system to access. ?

And lastly, the fact that everybody on indigogo wants, in a variety of
colors, the "finished" product (nobody spent 1k on any of the first 10
prototypes), rather than getting in on making it "finished", *really*
bugs me. People need to get in there (as we're doing with the 1200ac)
and make it *good*, not just lounge around waiting for someone else to
do it.

Anyway, I just tried to order the 1k prototype box. Needed paypal.
Don't have a working paypal account. Will go fix that.

... I *really* don't want to have to do another cerowrt, I'd much
rather finish cake, make wifi faster on some chipset if some
manufacturer will let us, and contribute to a product we can as open
code loving, freedom loving, reliability loving, low latency loving
folk, actually love.

Dave Täht
Let's go make home routers and wifi faster! With better software!

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