[Cerowrt-devel] Cerowrt-devel Digest, Vol 46, Issue 17

Mike O'Dell mo at ccr.org
Sat Oct 3 14:11:35 EDT 2015

the wifi bands are not *currently* under the official control
of the cellular operators, but they are pushing very very hard
to make that the case, and the lockdown of wifi hardware is
part and parcel of the promotion of that effort.

none of this is an accident. 

toll-free access to spectrum of any kind has a very, very
limited lifetime. The only reason the ham bands don't have
a bullseye on them is because of international allocations
and the fact that most of them are not interesting to the
cellular guys.

the one band that *is* interesting, in the 60GHz area,
*is* actively being pursued by the cellular guys because
it is useful for backhaul and recent developments in GaN
semiconductor technology have made hardware for that area
dramatically less expensive.


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