[Cerowrt-devel] Problems testing sqm (solved)

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Mon Oct 26 09:41:59 EDT 2015

Hi Richard,

On Oct 26, 2015, at 13:27 , Richard Smith <smithbone at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 10/26/2015 07:50 AM, Dave Taht wrote:
>> I am extremely disappointed you deleted your (admittedly inadvertent)
>> wifi results.
> Oops, sorry. Trying to prevent confusion since they were misleading.
>> Did you keep them anywhere? Now that we know what was wrong they
>> become way more interesting in the context of make-wifi-fast.
> It's google so they are never really gone. :) Restored.
> https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-P0wCbNmKvAWnl6dUc1bVhMaU0&usp=sharing
> Note: They are apples to oranges.  What was marked as 1900acs "bad" was actually a WNDR3800 running OpenWrt Barrier Breaker r40727 / LuCI Trunk (svn-r10180).
> If you want more WiFi traces with latency I can give you _loads_ of those. :)  From both here in my apt and at work.  Just tell me what you want.  I've got wndr3700v2's, Archer C7v2's, and now the Linksys 1900acs.
> What I don't have is a laptop with an AC chipset only N.  I've got acess to a Mac Air with AC to test with, but so far its thwarted me on getting flent to work.  I need to research how to compile the netperf package with options using homebrew.  I'm still a total noob when using a Mac.

	So, I have no recipe for home-brew, but I use the attached as local ports collection under macports to get flent to run:

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1) Unpack the archive into your home directory (it should net up in ~/macports or whatever name you choose).

2.a) Install macports (see https://www.macports.org/install.php ).

2.b) Edit /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf to contain:
	make sure to replace $USERNAME with your real user name.

3) run the following command (to make sure you have all the current recipes):
	sudo port selfupdate

4) Cd into /Users/$USERNAME/macports and run (to add your local port definitions to the ):
	sudo portindex

5) install the prerequisites:
	sudo port install -cu git netperf fping py35-matplotlib-basemap qt4-mac
	These should drag in all the required dependencies, git is needed to clone flent itself, fping is needed as the bad ping in macosx (at least up to 10.9) does not have high-resolution timestamps IIRC, qt4-mac is required by the GUI, and py35-matplotlib-basemap is the shortest way to get python 3.5 with all required packages installed (short on the command line, this drags in quite a lot and will take a while, I hope you have something better than the current macbook to compile ;) )

6) Get flent, cd into the intended parent directory and call (or if you did already, call “git pull” in the flent directory to get Toke’s most recent in):
	git clone https://github.com/tohojo/flent

7) edit run-flent in the flent directory to point to the just installed python:
	#!/usr/bin/env python3.5
	You need to see where the just installed python 3.5 actually lives but I assume the above should work, just “#!/usr/bin/env python” will point to the system supplied python for which I have no clue how to install additional packages like the qt4 one required for the GUI. I have not tested whether this is required for 10.10 or 10.11, in any way installing all under macports is nice because to clean up afterwards all you need to do is remove /opt/local...

8) run it from the flent directory, e.g.:
	date ; ping -c 10 netperf-eu.bufferbloat.net ; ./run-flent --ipv4 -l 150 -H netperf-eu.bufferbloat.net rrul --remote-metadata=root at gw.home.lan -p all_scaled --disable-log -D . -t IPv4_test; date
	date ; ping6 -c 10 netperf-eu.bufferbloat.net ; ./run-flent --ipv6 -l 150 -H netperf-eu.bufferbloat.net rrul --remote-metadata=root at gw.home.lan -p all_scaled --disable-log -D . -t IPv6_test: date

Just replace netperf-eu.bufferbloat.net with your netserver name or IP, with the ssh login to the DUT (I guess you need to set up passwordless login for this to work). But since you know flent this is just to keep the instruction complete enough to share with other mac users…

9) In case you routinely use macports remember to accasionally run:
	date ; sudo port selfupdate ; port outdated ; sudo port install outdated
	To get all the newest versions in...

Best Regards

> -- 
> Richard A. Smith

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