[Cerowrt-devel] Mesh Question

William Katsak wkatsak at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 16:09:42 EDT 2015

Hello all,

I haven’t been hanging around for a while, as things have been pretty much “just working” with my Cero boxes. However, I am trying to do something “new”, and am getting stuck.

I want to configure the following setup:
	- Main router, connected to DSL, acting as default gateway.
	- Secondary router, wifi only, meshing to the main router to extend coverage.

I figured with babel built in to Cerowrt, this should be easy enough, but I cannot seem to get it running.

Both routers have been freshly flashed with the latest image. Does anyone have a current howto for this, or can give me an idea of the steps required to make this work? I’ve already renumbered both routers to separate subnets, and changed the AHCP mode on the secondary to client. The babel interface seems to come up, and the main router reports one AHCP client.

I have no idea how to go about troubleshooting and seeing where it is getting stuck, any help at all is appreciated.

-Bill Katsak

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